Thursday, November 17, 2016

With 'friends' like these...

This is cruel. But it more than amply highlights that perverse phenomenon whereby people politically aligned can be each other's harshest critics.

The World Socialist Website attacks the record of Helen Kelly:

Kelly’s death at the age of 52 was a personal tragedy, but this fact must not be allowed to obscure an objective appraisal of her record. For more than a year, her protracted struggle with lung cancer was exploited in the media, with countless interviews and articles portraying Kelly as a champion for workers’ rights and as a national icon. In fact, Kelly is being glorified because she was a highly-valued servant of the ruling elite. She led the CTU as it collaborated with major attacks on the jobs and living standards of the working class.


Anonymous said...

"Most workers see no reason to join the unions, which have ceased to function as workers’ organisations in any meaningful sense of the term."

At least this bit is correct. I work part time in a unionised workplace and am amazed at the crap they publish about all sorts of unrelated socialist agenda. They are still fighting a class war that everyone else has moved on from. Even the members think the union hacks are hopeless.


Barry said...

I agree.