Friday, November 25, 2016


Trump has appointed a charter school advocate as Secretary of Education. She says the status quo in the US education system is "unacceptable." Teacher's unions are apparently not pleased.

Jolly good.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha OMG the unions will get sour about this.

Great move.

Pity the Nats. didn't have the balls to move on with this.

Mark Wahlberg said...

So is the argument against charter schools in NZ mainly coming from teachers who fear for their jobs? Is the prospect of a change in teaching style going to disadvantage pupils? I cant get my head around the argument.

What's so flash about the old system that makes it worthy of preservation? I have only bitter memories of school days in the 1950's. Couldn't get out of the place fast enough and I have harboured prejudices against teachers ever since.

Not good I know, but my experiences have helped me get a view of the world most don't share and I'm comfortable with that.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I hated college Mark. One of 360 (or 12 classes of 30) entering the third form after intermediate, all in the same uniform, all not much more than numbers really. Funny. My parents went to see my form teacher as part of routine interviews and he asked them to "point out which one he is". Hadn't noticed that Lindsay was a female. But to be fair, I kept my head down.
There are people who don't function well in big groups. I was one. Never did and never have. School takes no heed of this temperamental characteristic, which is likely quite common.
I only developed a love of learning (in what interested me) as an adult.

Unknown said...

Janet DeVos has had two main goals fir education:
- legislation (and more importantly interpretation of the 1st and 14th Amendments) so that any federal, state, or local education funds must flow to private/charter/religious schools in preference to government schools.
- federal legislation banning teacher and government employee unionisation (cf Scott Walker)

Best of all for NZ: it's quite likely she'll insist on similar rules as part of trade or export agreements...

Just imagine that: John Key forced to choose between importing chemotherapy drugs and spare parts for NZ's Boeings - or fully privatising all NZ's government schools hospitals and prisons mostly to US Corporations..

I can't wait!