Monday, October 31, 2016

Paul Henry

When Paul was a Radio Pacific talk back host in the 1990s I listened avidly. I communicated enthusiastically and regularly by fax. Such old hat technology now. In part, It was Henry's (reflected) despair about the connection between the tragedy of Lilybing and the taxpayer that set me off on a trajectory against welfare.

Now I don't get him.

Oh. Maybe he has moved way beyond what 'normal' people experience so we mustn't judge him within those confines.

I can't stand Lizzie Marvelley. She'll no longer go on his show because he doesn't respect women.

I don't know who I like least based on the Herald interview,

What is this rush to the bottom?

I still tell my 18 and 22 year-olds not to swear. Because it makes them both actually and apparently ignorant. And they get that. Though they still blaspheme more than I do:-)

BUT there are so many more words at our disposal.

When did Henry forget this?


Mark Hubbard said...

What I don't understand about Marvelly and the identity politick is why she chose the boycott, which closed down her own options, when she could have gone on the show and debated him to a nationwide audience. They never seem to have the convictions (or wherewithal) to argue their position. That's what damns them the most for me. And their wilful ignorance in the way they (Marvelly, Tiso, et al) proudly say they would (and will) never read you or me or anything anathema to them. Goddamned noncommunicative, infantile safe places.

Re Henry, I think he has allowed himself to become dangerously isolated.

JC said...

I'll confess to almost zero exposure to Paul Henry. What little I've seen is smarmy and even camp.. followed by off the reservation outbursts that apparently appeal to the low brow humour of some men.. little of which appeals to me.

Still, he has a habit of cutting through BS enough to be an asset and thats something mostly lacking in our media.

But the bottom line is I simply don't read or watch MSM anymore so I don't see Henry and I'm insulated from nobodies like Marvelly who pop up out of nowhere and with no relevance to most people. The classic of what I'm talking about is playing out in the US at the moment with the MSM desperately trying to cover up for Hillary and alternative media doggedly raising her issues.. sometimes illegally as in the case of Wikileaks.

There really has been a class divide introduced into Western societies and the MSM, the main religions and an emerging dilettante class are one with crony capitalists and "issues" people against the rest of the human race.. so maybe the madness of Henry is really a despairing wail at the death of normality.


Mark Wahlberg said...

I cant help but think Paul Henry is attempting to emulate american shock jock, Howard Stern.

While I confess to having my own failings, I find the use of base dialogue as a means to influence an audience somewhat juvenile,but I suspect Henry may receive encouragement for the sake of ratings.

I don't watch television, nor listen to the radio per se. newspapers are full of newspeak as is the internet which has been taken over by advertising dressed up as real life. I'm tired of having to wade through the dross seeking enlightenment in the land of smoke and mirrors.

I choose instead to read blogs which have a modicum of sanity about them.

Anonymous said...

agh, you mean like the Stranded, Whaleoil, The Daily blog, Frog blog et al.
Worse than the MSM.. :lol: