Friday, September 09, 2016

NZ's 1% not like US

Unfortunately I don't have time to do justice to the just released Household Incomes Report but here is an interesting finding from the overview:

One of the reasons for the interest in what is happening with very high incomes is the fact that in the USA there has been considerable growth in the share of total income received by high income earners (see graph on previous page) , while at the same time there has been little or no income rise for the bulk of the “middle class”. Neither of these factors apply in New Zealand: the trends for the top 1% and 0.5% shares are flat for New Zealand, and “middle class” income growth has been solid over the 20 years to 2015. 
I can almost feel the collective wince from the Left.


Anonymous said...

Of course, for anyone with even a basic grasp of economics (or even mathematics) NZ's outcome is well known to be a very bad thing:

Don W said...

Maybe we should stop worrying about what other people are doing and what they think and concentrate on living our own lives and looking after our own families. After all life is short.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Amen to that Don.