Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lizzie Marvelly

I shouldn't read them. Lizzie Marvelly's columns always irritate me but they do provide an insight into the modern feminist's mind. 

Today she has been unusually arrogant - even by her standards - about David Seymour's comments this week suggesting that if a Women's Ministry was legitimate so should a Man's Ministry be. Not that he was promoting the formation of such. Rather, he was highlighting the inconsistency.

Marvelly lets fly:

During this otherwise celebratory week, however, I was unfortunate enough to stumble upon a publication entitled Free Press, which the Act Party seemingly sends out as a press release on a regular basis. On Suffrage Day (September 19), the Act Party decided to tell the nation (or more accurately, the small minority of New Zealanders who have nothing better to do with their time than read the party's public relations material) that there is no longer any need for a Minister for Women, when in fact, it is men who are disadvantaged.
"Where once women were clearly marginalised, men are now behind in most social statistics," Free Press asserted, on a day dedicated to celebrating the still-challenged idea that women are as important as men.
More men go to prison. More men commit suicide. More women graduate from university than men. Men even die earlier!
Never mind the fact that women are paid less than men for the same work. Nor that women are more likely than men to suffer from mental illness. Nor that men commit the vast majority of the country's crimes.
Though I generally try to avoid reading about anything the Act Party says or does out of concern for my sanity, the Free Press caught me by surprise. I'd almost have thought that a Suffrage Day issue dedicated to mansplaining was a joke, but that would require the Act Party to have a sense of humour and a shred of self-awareness.

....From a party that has had exactly zero female leaders in its 22-year history, perhaps the Free Press' stance is unsurprising. Ignorance, however, is no excuse.

A female President is a female leader. The accusation of ignorance is somewhat ironic.

Not that ACT would concern itself with gender parity because its core philosophy is individualism.
Marvelly's is collectivism. But I am not sure she comprehends that.

The woman is a chronic belly-acher. To men, she says,

When you have no experience of what it's like to live in a world where another gender running the show is the way it's always been - from the fact that we've had only two female prime ministers out of 38, to the injustice of Sir Ed and Lord Rutherford receiving titles for their achievements while Kate Sheppard gave half the population the vote and was never made a dame - it must be hard to imagine.
I have lived in that world rather longer than MS Marvelly and  I often reflect on the freedom I have relished as a female, and a mother, a freedom furnished by a husband who has not had the same time or opportunity to pursue his every inclination because he has busied himself with supporting his family. Perhaps Ms Marvelly's father did the same. Perhaps not.

But what about a little gratitude? If not to men especially, for the privilege you have enjoyed by dint of being born in a relatively peaceful, prosperous and civilized country.

You don't know how lucky you are Lizzie.


Mark Hubbard said...

I've made mistake of trying to reason with her on Twitter over the vigilante nonsense against Kevin Roberts. She just jumps directly into those 4th waver bromides & stereotypes without having to think :) Pretty viciously so. As Roberts learned, never be so silly as to speak to your honestly held experience.

Anonymous said...

Peter Theil: female franchise is antithetical to freedom and economic development

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being a woman speaking out against the evil perpetrated on the world in the name of feminism.

As my hero Milo Yiannopolis voiced so hilariously on Twitter - most people would prefer their daughter to have cancer than to be a feminist!

Allan said...

If Lizzie is not happy with what is going on why does she not put her name in the hat for a political party and get elected. Otherwise she should put up or shut up. Inequality does not exist in my line of work. Men and women are paid the same and promoted on ability. I am sick and tired of the moaners who sit on the side line and complain. Perhaps if they got off their butts and contributed rather than moan they could improve their lot. The way things stand at present I feel that the likes of Lizzie and her lot are expecting and wanting preferential treatment because of the fact that they are women.

Rick said...

The columnist is an example who doesn't conclude as we do but also doesn't think as we do. Doesn't process information the same way. Doesn't mean the same things we do by 'equality' or 'freedom', for example. Part of that thought pattern is, yes, the arrogance of not seeing the difference between men and women.

Anonymous said...

This columnist is one of the reasons, after 17 years, that I will not be renewing my subscription to the Herald.

Jamie said...

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Jamie said...

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