Thursday, May 12, 2016

Flaxmere (updated)

Flaxmere is the 'benefit baby' capital of New Zealand.

The regional DHB does not breakdown births by centre. But if the numbers of babies born in 2015 who were benefit-dependent by year-end are calculated as a percentage of all beneficiaries at that Work and Income Centre, Flaxmere is the highest in the country.

In all of Hawkes Bay DHB region there were 2,215 babies born in 2015.

The region  encompasses  Work and Income Service Centres Flaxmere (96), Hastings East (155), Napier (170), Taradale (47), Waipukarau (26) and Wairoa (49).

A quarter of all babies born in the Hawkes Bay DHB region - 543 - were on welfare directly or shortly after their births.

Draw your own conclusions.

Update: Here is a man who has drawn his. He says (having fostered 200 children in Flaxmere) that the govt rewards children for having children, that govt has "legitimised" it.


Anonymous said...

Draw your own conclusions.

That the "reforms" are nothing but a joke, nothing but renaming existing benefits;
that the only possible solution to this problem is to end welfare: not just the DPB, but all the rest, for babies we need to privatise the hospitals, for kids to privatize or charter all the schools - and for both we need to stop putting in taxpayer dollars.

Look at Kansas, Florida, Kentucky in the US today; above all look at Russia in the 1990s which basically cancelled welfare and privatised everything. That must be the goal in NZ: get rid of the state as fast as possible!

Key had that opportunity when the GFC hit: it must be to his neverending disgrace that he did nothing.

Jamie said...

West Side Hori's...