Wednesday, April 13, 2016

English tells truth and gets it in the neck

A Labour MP from Palmerston North is outraged that Bill English has told the truth.

English said that there are Kiwi men who are supposed to be available for work but don't turn up; that can't read and write and are virtually unemployable. That's why NZ imports immigrant farm workers.

The Labour MP says this is the government's fault after 8 years at the helm.

Really? If the individual and the individual's family do not value education, if they prefer to make money illicitly or from benefits, if they get their kicks from a variety of law-breaking  activities and spend much of their time cycling in and out of prison, is it really Bill English' fault?

The underclass, which we don't seem to talk about as much anymore, was just as bad after Labour's last 9 year innings.

This type of  petty, cheap-shot politics grinds my gears. What would the Labour MP do in English' shoes? Sweep illiteracy and unemployability under the carpet and only ever present a rose-tinted picture of a certain slice of society?

Because when that happens, problems never get solved. English has probably been the most innovative and daring Finance Minister when it comes to social policy. That willingness to try new approaches is born out of his recognition and acknowledgement of just how hopeless certain people have become.

And when Bill English said that prisons are a "moral and fiscal failure" did any Labour MPs jump up and down then?


Anonymous said...

Lindsay - it is absolutely Bill English's fault because he pays for all this. He's the Minister of Finance. The buck, literally, stops with him. He pays for the benefits, pays for the schools, pays for the prisons.

And so he could end it all overnight.

No benefits. No welfare scroungers or welfare cheats or Welfare for Families. No state schools and no state prisons and no more money begin grubbed from the small percentage of Kiwis who are actually worth something.

It's Bill English's fault that it hasn't stopped, because it's Bill English's fault every day that it continue.

Jamie said...

The Old Bill is right for calling a spade a spade[rather refreshing if you ask me]. The only part of what he said that I differ on is the part where he says the young-uns can't pass a drug test (something that's tripped this callsign up a few times)

The way I look at it you wouldn't work for an employer who said you can't indulge in a drink in your time off - so why would you work for an employer who says you cannot indulge in a joint in your time off. The rank hypocrisy really grinds my gears. It's the principal, and as far as I'm concerned as long as you are clean and sober and rearing to go each morning for work then business needs to back off, and mind their own business

Jigsaw said...

Carmel Seperloni (sp?) just couldn't beleive that there was a single person as described by Bill English but if there were then it must be a product of the National government. Just imagine her in charge of welfare!

Anonymous said...

And when Bill English said that prisons are a "moral and fiscal failure" did any Labour MPs jump up and down then?

Nah, they didn't even understand the words let alone the consequences of jails.