Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Helen Clark may feel like she has a "stadium of 4 million people" behind her - and judging by overwhelming opinion expressed today she has -  but she can count me out.

I respected Clark as a PM for acknowledging the problems of chronic inter-generational despondency and dysfunction.

But even then she would not move against the prevailing feminist and socialist theory of (false) empowerment of women - the DPB.

Back on the DPB band wagon? Being petty when NZ could have the first woman heading the UN?

1/ The impoverishment of thousands of children is no small beer

2/  I do not care about nationalism or feminism. I do not get warm fuzzies about the connection Clark has to New Zealand or to my gender.

It has made me deeply uncomfortable today that so very many, John Key included, are prepared to forget not personal animosities (they are small beer)  but the ideological antipathy that freedom- embracing, small govt acolytes had for Clark.

Whoever the successful candidate is (notwithstanding the arguable impotence of the UN) I would prefer someone who has not made it their life's work to advance the responsibility and power of the state to enrich lives.


Anonymous said...

I'd go further and express my disappointment that a supposed National PM endorsed a Marxist for anything except imprisonment. Helen would be a good fit for the UN because they are useless and someone who has never had a real job that created anything people would want would be perfect to lead the dis-function.


Kiwiwit said...

3,999,998 - count me out too. Not so much for her political beliefs but her incompetence in the second biggest job in the UN - head of the UN Development Programme, which has been slammed in audit reports throughout her tenure as its head - see for example: http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/8180500/Report-slams-Clarks-UN-programme

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thanks, I had that lurking in the memory banks somewhere but searching didn't turn it up.

Allen Hogan said...

Make that 3,999,997 I totally endorse the comments. that John Key should propose anything to do with what has become the totally socialist machine that is the UN, with its openly world domination and manipulation of countries in spite of their elected governments, lowers my opinion even further of his real connection with what should be the aims of this country.

macdoctor said...

I would prefer someone who has not made it their life's work to advance the responsibility and power of the state to enrich lives.

Sadly, ALL of the candidates are in this category. It IS the UN, after all.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Trump will win and then hand the UN a bill.
After all the USA props up the UN by hundreds of millions every year while others spend and he was making the point that places like Japan, Saudi and many other countries should help pay the USA for being the worlds policeman.

The USA is bordering broke.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the place in 5-7 years when she leaves. They will be as leaderless as she left the Labour Party.
Might be a good thing.

Redbaiter said...

They're all the same.

One party won't do the other a disfavour because they know if positions are reversed in the future, they will face the same disfavour.

Despicable looters and cronyists the lot of them.

Rosalie said...

I recall her being quoted as saying "I hate National".

In the 2008 Election Campaign she called John Key a liar on national television. Her Campaign (and that of Peters) centred around that sort of vitriol against Key.

These are not the hallmarks of a leader trying to make the world a better place.