Monday, March 07, 2016


Whale Oil has carried a response from one of the Charter Schools. Excellent work SB.

The writer included the DomPost among the "faceless" critics. This is just an excerpt from his full response.

Here is the thing though. Every person who is writing this nonsense in their distant and/or faceless mode ignores the children and their extended families. They have come to SAMS to receive an outstanding academic education and a high level of care. We work 24/7 to the best of our ability to provide that. They have exercised a choice to come and get an education that they do not believe is being offered elsewhere and they want to break the cycles the see parts of their communities.
Mr Hipkins has been asked to visit many times. He hasn’t had time during the last two years and three months. He could even come and explain to our families why he intends to shut down their school. To Mr Hipkins and the faceless commentators here is a photo of our kids – each of them represent families and communities. I have only shown you their backs to be consistent with your approach. When any of you can make some time to build some integrity into your thoughts and writing – come and meet them – I think you will like them and love hearing about their experiences and ambitions.
– Academic Advisor Alwyn Poole


Anonymous said...

All state "schools" should be chartered. All regulations on fees, donations, ownership, and payments to staff or by parents should be removed.

That's all ACT needs as an education policy.

It worked in the UK and it will work here - except I'd just add one more thing for NZ that Cameron didn't do: teacher unions will be banned.

Anonymous said...

Calls Hipkins for the coward he really is.

Yes we should have a lot more Charter Schools, which actually are a return to the former days of schools that were not state funded but did a splendid job.

Lower Hutt and Wellington had a lot of them until the socialists and even the schools got brainwashed into state control.
Every kid should have their education fund to spend at any school.

That of course was always ACT policy.
sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

Every kid should have their education fund to spend at any school.

Parents should love their children - where love obviously includes: love them enough to pay for their education.

And that is real ACT policy!

Anonymous said...

David Cameron is chartering all schools in the UK - chartering as a penultimate step to full privatisation.

If you can do that to 25,000 schools in the UK, why not the 5000 schools here?