Friday, March 25, 2016

A third of people couldn't be bothered

Even when voting is made as easy as a tick and a trip to the postbox, a third of people can't be bothered.

Probably the same people who don't vote in general elections.

People don't have to vote and I am utterly opposed to compulsory voting. For selfish reasons, I don't want someone who doesn't give a fig cancelling out the vote of someone who is engaged and voting with purpose and reason. Me:-)

But for all our vaunting and celebration of democracy, a segment much bigger than it should be, just doesn't give a f--k.


Anonymous said...

I voted but how about we get our Internet voting sorted. Good chance to have done this as a test.

Anonymous said...

Amazing given the Post Office is dammed near defunct.

Anonymous said...

World First to give women the vote: New Zealand (Seddon)
World First to split the atom: New Zealand (Rutherford)
World First to climb Everest: New Zealand (Hilary)
World First national flag voted by the people: New Zealand (Key)

Anonymous said...

Don't confuse not voting with not caring. There can be many good reasons why people do not engage in a process others may see as meritorious.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

Somehow I doubt there is very much 'conscientious objection' going on.

Jigsaw said...

I don't vote in local body elections anymore as our local council is totally useless and the people who stand are hopeless and will not signal their position on any topic at all. No I do not want to stand for council and couldn't afford to anyway. I hope that as the local body voting declines towards zero the government will finally set about reorganisation of the sector which is well overdue.
Internet voting is a truly ghastly idea. People need to be able to front up to vote - if they can't be bothered then we don't need their vote.

Anonymous said...

I hope that as the local body voting declines towards zero

And central government voting!

a segment much bigger than it should be, just doesn't give a f--k.

nope, much smaller that it should be. NO REPRESENTATION WITHOUT TAXATION!

When NZ was founded, only the 5% of Kiwis who were then nett taxpayers were allowed to vote.
The problem is not the 30% who are bludgers that vote, it's the 60% who are bludgers, wffers, codger-bludgers, state school kids, state house kids, state hospital kids and all the rest who do vote

"Those who own the country ought to govern it." - John Jay

Berend de Boer said...

I didn't vote for what I considered to be a very good reason. I think you're confusing not voting with being not interested.