Monday, February 08, 2016

Quite different pictures

The NZ Hearld has a headline, New Zealand now much safer for children as injury cases plunge.

There must have been data availability restraints for the black and blue lines on the graph below because the writer could have taken the red line to 2012 showing even greater overall improvement.

Below the NZ Herald graph is the result of querying the NZ Injury Query System. The death rate per 100,000 children from 'unintentional injury' dropped to 6.5 by 2012. I went on to query fatalities from 'all intents'  and have graphed the difference. That produces a slightly different picture.


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Anonymous said...

Looking at the deliberate injury rate alongside the prison stats earlier I wonder if we need to look at a race or cultural relationship to see if the perceptions of so many are correct. It would be nice to be proven wrong but I don't like a mass guilt approach when the mass isn't guilty.