Monday, February 22, 2016

Has the 'child poverty' barrow stopped working for the Greens?

Shedding a third of their vote (12% down to 8% in the latest Colmar Brunton poll) is either about Green MPs or their ideas. Some people think it's a strategic decision by voters to ensure a strong Labour. I'm not buying that. A vote for the Greens is a vote for a Labour-led government after all.

Child poverty is an issue the Greens own. They blatantly campaign in primary schools enticing young minds into their own victimhood mentality. They exploit children on campaign posters in the most thinly-veiled attempt to buy votes.

Never forget that the Greens are Marxist. Child poverty has been an effective way to win the public over to greater wealth redistribution compelled by government.

It doesn't matter to Metiria Turei that redistribution has so far not only failed to improve the lot of children - it's worsened their outcomes.

Doesn't matter that making more people reliant on welfare will make more people more miserable.

Instead of re-evaluating their ideas based on evidence, they forge on, most recently joining and heavily promoting a social media campaign built around the slogan "Child poverty - it's not a choice."

I believe  this slogan was arrived at exactly because of the realization that voters aren't disassociating children from their parents. Voters think that child outcomes are heavily influenced by parental decisions. Voters think that parental choices have a good deal of bearing on whether a child will experience hardship.

Next, showing exactly how out of touch they are, the Greens nominated Sue Bradford for Children's Commissioner. Perhaps they think a blast from the past (a more glorious Green past) would boost their ratings. Fail.

The next poll may very well prove me wrong but my money is on  Metiria Turei and child poverty - the MP and the idea - being a loser for the party.


Anonymous said...

Never forget that the Greens are Marxist

No they're not. They're Leninists / Maoists.

After all, Marx didn't argue that mass executions were not only necessary, but also good.

paul scott said...

By now most people are aware that Green politics is just colour blind for Red.
Green politic is subterfuge for Red . It always was. I use to tell Rod Donald that Red and Green equals dirty khaki. Green issues are more now the concern of Conservative politics. World wide the Green parties have become irrelevant. " Luddites"; as Helen Clarke described them.
It is good they are here to continue their real work of emasculating the Labour party.
It was Helen Clarke who famously called the Greens "Luddites " and a decade or so later nothing has changed with them. We need the Greens. They are good for our political diet. they still make sure that there will never be a socialist Government again in this Country.
Sue Bradford is a gift who keeps on giving. Her look and aggression and coercive attitude just oozes that wrong side of the railway track, where none of us want to go.