Friday, December 18, 2015

Who will sing for the male victims?

From the NZ Herald:
Kiwi singer Tina Cross has teamed up with a police choir for a powerful message against domestic violence.
Joining forces with the Counties Manukau District Commander's Police Choir and teenagers from Otahuhu Blue Light Choir, Cross re-recorded her 2014 song Walk Away as a message of support for women in abusive relationships.

According to TV3 last night

So far this year, 33 people have died from family violence - 16 children, 10 women and 7 men.

And recently from the DomPost:

A  Stuff data investigation has found at least 204 children, aged 0-14, have died as a result of neglect, abuse, or maltreatment in New Zealand since 1992.
 Most commonly, they died at the hands of men. Almost three quarters of the killers were family members.
The killers were almost equally likely to be mothers or fathers, accounting for 31 per cent and 29 per cent of cases respectively, where the victim's relationship with the killer was known. 

So who will sing for the male victims of  domestic abuse?

And who will sing for the children killed by their mothers?

Personally, I view singing for a cause as a wankfest.

But it does continue to highlight a biased and unjust refusal to acknowledge the active and aggressive part women can and do play in family violence.


JC said...

Whether its singing, hashtags or Fight For Life the events actually become the objective and the supposed message is lost.

If you had some Machiavellian desire to obscure the need to protect children then one of these types of events is just the way you would do it.


Anonymous said...

Get with the program. There are no male victims as they just got what they deserved because they were male and must have deserved it because women are gentle while all men are oppressive, violent rapists. This has been "fact" since feminists first thought of it to excuse the disturbing statistics that show bad behaviour is far more evenly split between sexes (not just the two nowadays) than they would like to admit.


Anonymous said...

I so wish you were standing for Parliament in Ohario-Belmont Lindsay - you'd have my vote in a trice.

Jigsaw said...

I really am over such 'campaigns' as this. It seems that so many people can reduce almost any topic down to a slogan, a catch cry and have little other understanding of anything. GE Free, Child Poverty, Global Warming, Climate Change Peak Oil etc etc and all the rest make the issues so mundane as to make them meaningless.

S. Beast said...

I'm shocked at the proportion of men who have died and I'm wondering if that figure includes males killed by police attending incidents, other males fighting with them over a partner, or if they were all killed by their partners (male or female)?

Anonymous said...

I'll wear a blue and white ribbon to show I care ... that'll fix it (and all my lefty friends will respect me for my obvious sincere commitment to the cause and fawn approval).


Anonymous said...

Wankfest indeed Lindsay, well said. Never mind, I'll chuck on a white ribbon and that'll fix the problem. Sigh.

Pip said...

Thank you for highlighting this Lindsay.

I have a close friend who went through a very abusive (and prolonged) domestic situation many years ago. There was no support available for him other than advice from friends to 'walk away'.

Needless to say, he felt that he couldn't walk out and that if he just tried harder then it would all sort itself out.

He probably did come very close to being a death statistic. The relationship eventually fell apart anyway but it could have ended quite differently well before then.

Sadly, there are always two parties in an abusive situation and 'putting up with it' isn't a solution.

(BTW, I have only just come across your blogspot and I will be following it from now on).