Thursday, December 24, 2015

Have a guess

A couple of days back I was questioning Jan Logie's claim that 70 percent of sole parents on income support were leaving or had come from violent relationships.

Just yesterday a relevant piece appeared in the Hutt News which highlighted local levels of family violence by screening women presenting at Hutt Hospital.

"During the year ending June 30, 2015, 3,458 women were asked if they had been subjected to physical abuse in their home.
Every woman presenting at one of the hospital's key high risk areas - emergency department, child health, special care baby unit, medical assessment and planning unit and maternity - was screened unless it was inappropriate to do so because children or a controlling partner were present....every mother was asked at least three times during her pregnancy, again if she gave birth at the hospital, and a Plunket nurse might ask later."

So how many do you think disclosed being subjected to physical violence?

(Yes there are too many unknown factors to make an educated guess but have a crack at it anyway.)


JC said...


Not counting the 40-50% of women who attacked men.

Then again, asking at the hospital when a woman is feeling vulnerable could produce a very low incidence.


Anonymous said...

Maybe some would eventually say yes just to get the nosey people to shut up.


S. Beast said...

I was asked at Family Planning which I declined to answer.

I will guess 5-15% at the most answered in the affirmative, with others like me abstaining or denying because why should you reveal any of this crap? There is as much chance of me answering random questions dropping on me during a Tuesday morning smear test as there is of me putting my actual birthday on Facebook.

Curiously I was never asked this via my GP.

Jamie said...

FFS!!! It's a pretty sad state of affairs if you ask me. Have all the wimminz these days treated all the males in their lives sooo badly that they cannot even call on one male relative to come help them out if they're getting the bash???