Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Further dumbing-down at RadioLive

The only remaining reason I listen to RadioLive is disappearing.

Image result for sean plunketVeteran broadcaster Sean Plunket has been axed from RadioLive's morning talkback show – and it is believed he could be replaced by long-time colleague Mark Sainsbury.

When MediaWorks sacked John Tamihere they killed the intellectual bite from the afternoon show. Now they are going to purge the pithy wit and humour that is Plunket.

Just what sort of audience they are seeking is a mystery to me. That stands to reason though, because I'm not it.


Anonymous said...

He said what a lot of us thought about that ungrateful trougher Eleanor Catten and this is what happens.

Must .... not .... speak ... .out .... against the rabid lefties! Especially when they're talking nonsense.

You wouldn't last long on the radio would you Lindsay - far too much common sense and logic in your blog!

Jigsaw said...

Some intellectual 'bite' in the afternoon-it was usually the most appallingly racist programme. Hardly any better these days-Willie Jackson using every chance he can to advance his own racist agenda.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

My gut feeling was JT fell somewhere in the zone (a moving thing) that Alan Duff does. Recognition and acknowledgement of both hereditary sides, thus a susceptibility to reasoned analysis...sometimes.

Bob said...

Completely agree with you Lindsay. Radio Live will continue to rate shockingly. A waste of a great opportunity.

Jigsaw said...

Only sometimes and often Jackson's and Tamahere's guests were people like Ranganui
Walker whose extreme racist pronouncements they never seemed to disagree with. In as far as Plunket is an occasional go to it is a shame. For me there is little else there that is worth listening to. Certainly the field narrows down all the time....