Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Bennett's biggest contribution

I had cause to make the following graph so thought I would post it here. The drop in Maori teenage birth is quite phenomenal. Though untested, the Youth Parent Payment reforms must be a factor. The point I was making to my correspondent was, I consider this Paula Bennett's biggest contribution as Social Development Minister. (The 10-14 years-old rates barely register but using Infoshare data I couldn't easily or quickly remove them.)


Anonymous said...

Not Bennets doing at all.
Has a lot more to do with better education and Maori ladies taking control of their kids health issues. Been coming for a number of years. The Maori ladies are not accepting the slap bang and trash they used too. Its no longer OK to get pregnant before you get an education. The men have been getting the message, (slowly) and you can also maybe factor in the under skin contraceptives. I didn't say they were not having sex but have got a handle on what makes you pregnant. See it in the ladies at work.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to compare this with what has happened overseas, because I understand that the same trend has been happening in the UK and USA. So did Bennett add above the international trend?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I have written more on this before.


I accept that other factors are involved and may be more influential. But still believe that welfare reform has a part. The Youth Parent benefit (low cash - high practical assistance) reinforces education through the mentoring services, and access to LA contraceptives is funded by Work and Income. Causes are intertwined. There are also other cultural (teenage not ethnic) changes going on. The push against unwanted sex (commonly called rape) and the formation of more same sex relationships. Contraceptive implant and morning after pill available through pharmacy are also fairly recent additions.