Monday, September 28, 2015

Anne Tolley shows some gumption ...sort of

This'll cause an uproar among feminists ("don't interfere with my reproductive rights") and Maori who think like Tariana Turia ("I am intolerant of attempts to control our fertility"):

The Minister for Social Development wants to find a way of stopping the most at-risk beneficiaries from having more children.

Unfortunately Tolley is being somewhat timid.
 ... said she was talking about a small number of families, where Child Youth and Family was removing more than one child at birth, most from homes with a history of abuse and neglect. "I know of a case where they were taking the sixth child from that woman and of course the first question I ask is; 'So what sort of family planning advice is being made available to that woman, is it there immediately for her to think about?'
Every year, one in five children born will be benefit-dependent by the end of it.

In the 6 months to March 31, 2015, 6,347 babies were added to an existing benefit.

In that context Tolley's ambition looks lacking. But still upsetting for some.

Association of Social Workers chief executive Lucy Sandford-Reed said she felt uncomfortable about the minister's comments.
There's a big part  of the problem. A denier. Head of the Social Worker's union no less. She should be applauding the Minister for at least  having the gumption to publicly ask why some women keep having babies when they are incapable of providing for them or worse.


Mark Hubbard said...

Yes, finally tackling an important problem. But from the wrong end. Simply copying my post to NBR:

This can be achieved without the brute force of state (this could become, even though it's being eschewed as 'advice'): indeed, by relieving us all of the brute powers exercised by the tax surveillance state: stop paying welfare that incentivises childbirth. No DPB for children born while parent is already on DPB (or other benefit). Get rid of Working for Families. Chop down the welfare state to the bare safety net it was supposed to be; make people reap the consequences of their actions, don't socialise those actions so others have to pay for your life choices.

Anonymous said...


there. done.

Chop down the welfare state

yep. Now, how hard is that?

Anonymous said...

Nope, won't fix it. History of many centuries shows women have sex and get pregnant with no regard to the circumstances.
Leaving them iwth no money ain't the answer. We need to prevent the pregnancies.

Anonymous said...

Leaving them iwth no money ain't the answer. We need to prevent the pregnancies

Commie. Leaving hem with no money is the only sure way to prevent the pregnancies.