Thursday, August 13, 2015

CTU says trend "clear"- MSD says it isn't

MSD released the 2015 Household Incomes Report today. This is the source of official poverty and inequality statistics. The responses will be interesting because the findings are  mainly positive. 

But here's the Council of Trade Unions:

Time to recognise inequality is on the rise again
“While one year cannot be taken in isolation, the trend is clear,” says Rosenberg.

According to  the report's  Key Findings:

 Income inequality
  • there was a large and rapid rise in household income inequality from late 1980s to early 1990s
  • there is no conclusive evidence yet of a rising or falling long-run trend since the mid 1990s ….
  • … but another survey with a Gini score at or above the level in the 2014 HES will provide evidence of a rise since the mid 2000s

It must be hugely frustrating when the statistics relied on to plead the cause don't co-operate.

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