Sunday, July 26, 2015

Worthwhile Sunday morning read


Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump just visited my hometown of Laredo, Texas!
Not surprisingly, Trump entered Laredo filled with fear. I say “not surprisingly” because Republicans live their lives filled with fear. Communists! Terrorists! Muslims! Illegal aliens! Drug dealers! Bin Laden! Saddam! Ho Chi Minh! Republicans are convinced that they’re all coming to get us. Knees are always a’knockin’ among Republicans.


Jamie said...

Yeah it's not like El Chapo Guzman has put a 100 million dollar bounty on that 'gringo' Donald Trumps head aye. Or it's not like the Mexican Mafia has 50,000 footsoldiers on the streets of the USA.

Nothing to fear there aye.

Oh yeah and it's not like the saintly democratic party has gone along with the drug war for decades either aye.

It's not like Mr Trump gives jobs to Mexican immigrants either aye.

If you want to control your own border and immigration then waaacism waaacist

KG said...

The article makes some good points, but conveniently leaves out the massive criminality that has been imported along with the illegal aliens.
And it is massive.

KG said...

It also omits the fact that the Obama Administration is - in effect - dismantling border controls and crippling law enforcement as part of a deliberate policy to import people who overwhelmingly support the Democrats.