Monday, July 20, 2015

Sepuloni's spurious claim

This month the New Zealand Christian Council of Social Services (NZCCSS) Vulnerability Report featured the following table:

These benefit cancellations relate only to people with dependent children.

There were 59,960 benefit cancellations as per dates.

We should remove those who "transferred to another benefit" as they are still on welfare.

That leaves 47,485 cancellations.

26,217 obtained work.

That's 55% - fairly close to the CTU figure of 46% (which related to all beneficiaries - not just parents).

And it's much higher than Sepuloni's figure of 20%.

Just 8,682 - 18% -  left for 'other' or unexplained reasons (which could include exit to study which the CTU put at 11% for the whole beneficiary population).

OK, the data isn't brand spanking new. But it's fairly recent. And at the rate MSD releases data these days, this table is relatively up-to-date.

There is no hidden conspiracy of people being thrown off benefits to struggle on the streets.

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