Thursday, July 02, 2015

Idiocy from the UK

Just in from a reader:

In a move that has fired up parents, teachers in the UK have won the right to inspect pupils' lunchboxes and confiscate unhealthy snacks.
"Schools have common law powers to search pupils, with their consent, for items," Schools Minister Lord Nash said.
At least they have lunches. And the state still isn't satisfied.

Iain Austin, a Labour member of the Commons education committee, said: "With Britain tumbling down the international league tables and with a generation entering the work force with less literacy and numeracy than the generation retiring, you would have thought that teachers might have better things to do than rummage through children's crisps and fruit."
Hooray for that man.

Vikki Laws, 28, said her daughter - six-year-old Tori - was not allowed to eat her sausage snack. It was confiscated and returned at the end of the day with a note from teachers. She said another parent was warned not to give her child Scotch eggs.
Gasp. I love scotch eggs (and pork pies). Neither of these items is a problem unless that's all that is eaten and no exercise is taken. Isn't that what the teachers should be focusing on?

Educating about the science of calories in exceeding calories spent.


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