Thursday, June 11, 2015



It's ironic that the two groups who are least trusted probably distrust each other the most.


Anonymous said...

If I was Minister of Police, I would be horrified that the support for Police had dropped from 84 to 75% in 2 years. That is just not acceptable, and many of the reasons as to why this has happened are directly attributable to the way Police spokespeople communicate with us as though we are the problem (whereas in most cases, we are the victims). To say nothing of their appalling lack of effective burglary prioritization and clearance rates.

To give them some credit though, many of the hindrances to effective policing in NZ can be placed directly at the feet of our legal system which masquerades here as "justice". The standard of judicial decisions defies rational belief in most cases. We can all easily quote examples without thinking too hard.

Time to bring your Commissioners to account Mr Woodhouse, maybe a KPI of a 90% approval rating by the next election in 2017.


Anonymous said...

I recently bought a used car. Rather impressed by the salesman, such that I'd say he was very trustworthy. There may well be other used car salesmen like him. Such that they'd rate about the same as school teachers.

Jigsaw said...

To be fair almost everyone has dropped-at the top end anyway. I am surprised that journalists haven't dropped even more than they have! Some of the stories they tell and are told are just extraordinary and how they make it into print is a mystery to me. Our paper reported that the leader of Ngati Tahu said that when they were negotiating their settlement in the 1990's (their fifth!) they had so little money that on a trip to the West Coast they coasted down all the hills to save gas. This in spite of the $30,000 a year the tribe was getting and the fact that the leader Stephen O'Regan was a teachers' college lecturer on a great salary. Who would write such garbage?!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that in a Communist society like NZ, the police, school teachers, fire service, effectively the ambulance service, and most doctors and nurses... all work for the government!