Friday, June 26, 2015

A life saver

This will be a blessing. A feature that allows you to quickly retrieve an e-mail sent to the wrong address...or sent in haste. Only the first applies to me because I can't remember ever sending an "ill-advised" e-mail to anyone. Not in my nature. Too cautious and courteous.

But my laptop recently went through a strange phase of throwing up the list of like names after I typed in the first two or three letters of the addressee, but then, after I selected the correct recipient it defaulted to another on the list. So I had something I intended to send to Cam Slater go to MP Cam Calder - from memory it was only a link to something of interest. And another message intended for Rodney Hide go to Rod Vaughan at the NBR. Neither posed a problem and I was able to send a follow up e-mail telling them to disregard.

But have you ever had a real clanger or OMG moment?

Update; That's funny. Cam Calder isn't even in Parliament any more but I had to look it up on Wikipedia. Left late 2014. So "recently" must have been last year. How time flies.

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