Sunday, May 03, 2015

Sexism: Boot on the other foot and putting it in

In this climate of cultural cringe whenever the merest hint of sexism against women is sniffed, a double standard is becoming increasingly evident.

Take this headline from The Herald on Sunday

Too few men for smart women

The article denigrates men who have not got a degree.
Among people in the 30-34 age bracket with a university degree or similar qualification, there are 155 women for every 100 men. That would be less of a problem if the women were more willing to "marry down". The overall ratio is 91 men to 100 women in the population aged 25-49. But women are perhaps less inclined than men to marry someone not as well educated, which may add to the shortage of partners for intelligent women....The solution is not, as one dating agency suggests, for women to lower their expectations. They should, of course, keep an open mind when they meet someone but it would be idle to pretend that these things are of no account. The solution, as the researchers suggest, is to raise the numbers of men in higher education.
The expressions "marry down" and "lower their expectations" are offensive to men - should they bother to take it. Which is probably at the crux of the matter.

Men don't take to playing indignant victim as readily as women. Oh bugger. Was I just sexist?

The failure of men to foot it with them [women] educationally in equal numbers is no reason to change the education system or promote men undeservedly. The shortage of partners for highly educated women is a problem only men can solve. Get your credentials, boys.

Consider yourself told. There will be no quotas, no Ministry of Men's Affairs, and certainly no sympathy for your failure. Own it. Just like minority groups and women have always been expected to.


JC said...

Well, I guess we can forget about all that stuff of women being victims now.

The new women are powerful beasts who stride with confidence through dark alleys where men fear to tread, don't get drunk and taken advantage of and earn considerably more than the uneducated men around them.

Glad we sorted that out.


Mike@nz said...

A university degree doesn't necessarily prove ones intelligence, in fact, in a lot of cases, the opposite is true. Who in their right mind would want anything to do with this new generation of entitled, bigoted liberal snobs anyway?

Give me the company of an warm, independent, generous and intelligent woman whose rich in life experience any day.

Anonymous said...

I guess this will mean that these wonderfully qualified women will be in loveless marriages of convenience. Good luck with happiness on that basis.


Anonymous said...

I've been divorced for a few years,since I was about 45, and been "matched up" with supposedly suitable woman. I've come to the conclusion that there are lots of "highly intelligent" single women, all looking (actually, I think they feel entitled) for Price charming. The problem is, not many of them could compare with Cinderella.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the young fella's lucky. If they play their cards (well other things as well),right then they will catch a tart that earns so much moola that they won't need to work, can go fishing anytime they like and so on.
The down side might be they have to make the bed and do the cooking but that doesn't take long.
Still according to the numbers he can have 1.5 wives so that might mean he can have a share wife to do the menial stuff and still go fishing and hunting.

Andy said...

Here are some data.

Basically: the more women embarking on a particular course of study, the lower the average IQ of the people choosing that course of study.