Thursday, May 28, 2015

Breaking News: Benefit increase welcomed by racing industry

The "first benefit increase since the 1970s" is welcomed by the racing industry, currently struggling to survive.
Offcourse turnover dropped steeply after the 1990's benefit cuts, but the National government has rejected a return to the halcyon days of ex Racing Minister, Winston Peters, refusing to fund a cash injection into stakes - the lifeblood of the industry.
Described as "heartless" in its attitude to the racing industry, the government stands accused of turning its back on jockeys, trainers, breeders, livestock agents, and the 30,000 people relying on the industry for their livelihood.
The 2015 budget took the industry by complete surprise.
In a masterstroke, John Key and Bill English, raised benefits and side-lined not only the Greens and Labour, but NZ First, whose support base relies on racing enthusiasts.
Child poverty advocates raised their glasses alongside racing industry lobbyists. Both agreed that this National government budget exceeded all expectations. Both expect that increased benefits will reduce child and race industry poverty.

 Source: Two over three on Goodtime Sugar, The New Zealand TAB turns 50, David Grant, p112


Anonymous said...

Can you give the source of the quote ... at the moment it looks like it is something you are speculating (or your opponents will say, making up).

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I did make it up.

But is it any less feasible (or silly depending on your viewpoint) than claiming raising benefits by $25 will reduce child poverty and create new employment?

If race wagering turnover plummeted after the benefit cuts (I didn't make that up) surely it would be reasonable to speculate turnover will rise after an increase.