Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Green MP: " problems aren't solved one individual at a time."

Green MP Jan Logie on what won't solve social problems like child poverty and domestic violence against women and children:

It might be too obvious to say it but people aren’t widgets, and social problems aren’t solved one individual at a time. If you individualise the solutions then you leave the conditions that create the problems in place. In effect you secure the ongoing need for your service. In a business context that totally makes sense. In a social context its a disaster.
The solution to these problems will not be found in vouchers and more individual choice. The solution to these problems will not be found in more corporate business models. The solutions to these problems will not be found in less government accountability and a freer market.
The solution will be found in increased funding, more training and time for reflection, collective responsibility, expertise and coordinated responses to name just a few things that would seem harder to achieve if these recommendations were implemented.

If problems aren't solved "one individual at a time", when it is individuals who abuse or neglect each other, when it is individuals who successfully resolve to change their behaviour, what hope? And why have role models eg Norm Hewitt to show what individuals can achieve? Why have organisations like AA who focus on each individual owning and addressing their problem; in living one day at a time to break their addiction?

Logie believes in deterministic explanations for human behaviour. Causes are outside of the control of the individual. For instance, colonisation and capitalism cause social chaos to entire groups. Therefore the largest representative collective - government - must play the major remedial role.

And she has the gall to talk about private service providers securing an "ongoing need for [their] services".

When for the past forty odd years  government policy has been creating and increasing social problems through the welfare state.


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as society.

If there was no welfare, there would be no welfare problem.

tranquil said...

"The solution will be found in increased funding..."

No it won't.

Governments have "increased funding" to welfare for over FORTY YEARS!
If *that* were the solution to "poverty" then poverty would have disappeared decades ago.

How much more is "enough"?
More is NEVER enough.

The answer is LESS welfare funding and more *personal responsibility*.

This Green MP is advocating getting out of the welfare hole by digging faster and faster.
She should be laughed out of Parliament.