Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bill English - badly advised?

Earlier this month I did a brief analysis of state housing stock based on MSD data publicly available (released Feb 2015).

Of 63,988 households, 18,539 are described as "one-person". 29 percent.

Talking about the Housing NZ stock not matching the need in parliament yesterday, Bill English said:

Hon BILL ENGLISH : Around one-third of Housing New Zealand houses—$18.7 billion worth of them—are the wrong size and in the wrong place. Just, for instance, 45 percent of current tenancies are for one single person—45 percent of our houses are occupied by one person—but only 9 percent of the housing stock has one bedroom.

I immediately thought the first figure was too high so went back and double-checked my figures.

The data is split initially into five main regions, then broken down further. The following is the largest region in terms of tenancies, East and South Auckland:


Total %
Couple only 794 4.7%
Couple only and other person(s) 70 0.4%
Couple with child(ren) 3,873 22.8%
Couple with child(ren) and other person(s) 533 3.1%
Household of related and unrelated people 223 1.3%
Household of related people 1,746 10.3%
Household of unrelated people 111 0.7%
One parent with child(ren) 5,878 34.7%
One parent with child(ren) and other person(s) 1,183 7.0%
One-person household 2,501 14.7%
Other multi-person household nfd 51 0.3%
Total 16,963

The next one is Northland, Western and Central Auckland (though the percentages do not add up and neither do they in the remaining areas.)


Total %
Couple only 979 5.8%
Couple only and other person(s) 50 0.3%
Couple with child(ren) 2,623 15.5%
Couple with child(ren) and other person(s) 332 2.0%
Household of related and unrelated people 139 0.8%
Household of related people 1,019 6.0%
Household of unrelated people 214 1.3%
One parent with child(ren) 4,290 25.3%
One parent with child(ren) and other person(s) 717 4.2%
One-person household 4,618 27.2%
Other multi-person household nfd 41 0.2%
Total 15,022

You can check the rest of the data yourself if interested. Time constraints at this end. Perhaps the error lies with me but I can't see it.

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Anonymous said...

Tenancy could be for one person but they could then take in boarders? This would mean that in MSD data they would come under households of related / unrelated people. How often are tenancies updated? In the meantime people could marry or have a child?