Friday, February 06, 2015

Morgan gets it in the ear from the Left

Yesterday I wrote, when questioning why only 19 people were interested in Gareth Morgan's meeting, "[perhaps] the Maori that Morgan would curry favour with don't want him on their case." I might extend that to left-wingers.  LudditeJourno writes for a left-wing feminist site and this is exactly the sort of reaction I expected:

When the media could be covering incredible orators with vast knowledge like Moana Jackson and Annette Sykes, when they could be asking young Māori what Te Tiriti means to them, when they could be approaching Pākehā historians like Anne Salmond or James Belich to educate us, to expand our views, to move us on, they are trailing around after a bloke who doesn't like cats.

No disrespect Mr Morgan, but check your privilege here.  I don't actually like the things you are saying - I think they are cloaked in dangerous, racist discourses like one law for all and Treaty industry - but as importantly, I don't like the fact you are taking advantage of your privilege to influence public debate on a topic you are ill-qualified to comment.  Perhaps you could use your influence to help ensure we hear the voices of people who have dedicated their lives to understanding Te Tiriti and colonisation?


Jigsaw said...

What does that tell you about a person when they say they don't like the concept of 'one law for all'?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Or "Treaty industry"? An absolutely pertinent description of the institution.

tranquil said...

" educate us, to expand our views..."

To *brainwash* us with leftist drivel.

I like this article which quotes Dr Ben Carson (author and retired neurosurgeon) as saying that "white liberals are the most racist people".

This doesn't surprise me at all. *Every* rightwing person I know - without exception - wants Maori to *succeed*.
On the other hand, it is in the left-wing's interest for Maori to *fail*.

Failure means that the left has a pool of less-educated people that they can foist their patronising, defeatist and racist drivel onto. It also means a continuing supply of left-wing votes.