Thursday, January 29, 2015

Victim of her own naivety

Tom Scott's DomPost cartoon this morning was predictable.

Here's a comment I sent to Sean Plunket yesterday:

Eleanor Catton  was NOT a victim of the 'tall poppy syndrome' - the existence of which is questionable nowadays - but she will certainly now experience an unpleasant but justifiable backlash, which she will claim proves her point.
Being generous, I think her comments demonstrate  naivety as much as anything else. 

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david said...

I don't know whether she qualifies as a tall poppy but I presume she makes a reasonable amount of money from her books. She does seem to think (her) merit should be recognised. It just seems strange for someone in a field where rewards are based on individual performance to criticise the society that pays her for supporting such a reward system. Maybe she thinks all revenue from book sales should instead be shared amongst those less successful.