Saturday, January 10, 2015

Parliamentary attendance

Arrived in my e-mail inbox with the by-line, Need one say any more about our illustrious legislators? 



Kiwiwit said...

Of course, these pictures are of the House of Commons, not our parliament, however, I am sure they are indicative of attendance at our debates. What happens, of course, is that the MPs all rush in to vote on legislation, in many cases not even knowing what they are voting on let alone having participated in the debates.

I we should have a parliamentary quorum of 2/3 of members and the House should not sit at all unless there is this quorum.

I recently learned that there were more than 500 bills in various stages of enactment in the NZ Parliament. I cannot imagine that there are more than a small handful of matters that really require new legislation in our country, so 500 new laws shows what a mindless law factory our parliament has become.

I like the model of the Texas legislature, which only sits for 90 days every two years. All legislation has to be passed in that relatively short window or it is dropped for another two years. It is no surprise that Texas is the most prosperous US state with

Lindsay Mitchell said...

"Of course, these pictures are of the House of Commons, not our parliament..." evidenced by the much more modest seating. Actual benches.

Jamie said...

Says it all Lindsay

Compliments to your source