Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You can lead a horse to water and all that

NCPA reports:

School children continue to dump their full lunch trays into garbage bins in protest of Michelle Obama's push for healthier lunches. School boards are demanding that the Obama administration relieve them of serving "costly and tasteless meals." The National School Boards Association demanded today that Washington address the "onerous requirements for federal school meal programs."


The upside is a new generation is getting a real taste of nanny state and it's not pleasant.


S. Beast said...

They are addicted to wheat and sugar. Wheat in particular creates a response in the brain in the same manner as opium. You can't expect drug addicts to be greatful for the intervention.

tranquil said...


Well well.
This is the latest example of the "looks-good-on-paper-but-is-crap-in-the-real-world" phenomenon that socialism does so well.

What a surprise..... /sarcasm