Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sole parent and income support status by ethnicity

Compiled from Census 2013 data the following table is self-explanatory. The income support data might relate to any main benefit but a clear correlation exists between the two data sets.



Will said...

Hi Lindsay,

Does 'income support' include Working For Families in this instance?

Lindsay Mitchell said...


This is the question from the 2013 form:

Mark as many spaces as you need
to show all the ways you yourself got income in the 12 months ending today.(DON’T count loans because they are not income.)

wages, salary, commissions,
bonuses, etc, paid by my employer

self-employment, or business I own and work in

interest, dividends, rent, other

regular payments from ACC or a
private work accident insurer
New Zealand Superannuation or
Veteran’s Pension

other superannuation, pensions
or annuities (other than NZ
Superannuation, Veteran’s Pension or war pensions)

Unemployment Benefit

Sickness Benefit

Domestic Purposes Benefit

Invalid’s Benefit

Student Allowance

other government benefits, government income support payments, war pensions, or paid parental leave

other sources of income, counting
support payments from people who do not live in my household

or no source of income during that time

I've asked Stats NZ but seems to me it'd be a matter of interpretation. If you were receiving WFF from IRD and considered it a tax credit (rebate) would you regard it as "govt income support" payments?

Anonymous said...

Yes can see your point re: interpretation. I suspect most people who receive WFF would prefer to interpret it as a 'tax rebate' as opposed to the stigma of a 'benefit'. The dangers of extending welfare to the middle class!