Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Large majority think National should have done deal with Conservatives

A NewstalkZB poll surprises me. I'm one of the few 'no' votes. My preference is for ACT and a deal with the Conservatives might weaken that option:

Electorate deals Results

Should National have cut a pre-election deal with Colin Craig?

  • Yes 94 %
  • No 5 %
  • Undecided 1 %


david said...

I'm with you. ACT have a very good leader and stand for reduced government interference. To see them poll so poorly makes me sad. I don't know what the Conservatives stand for, but I fear the worst.

S. Beast said...

Maybe it is something to do with the demographics of a NewstalkZB audience.

Anonymous said...

I think that it all depended on the polls. National have watched the polling and have now taken a punt that they will not need anyone. The ACT and Dunne deals go back a fair way so are not difficult to maintain. Its a big call but not unreasonable - we all like to run our own show.

I despair at the public's fondness for the ongoing mediocrity of National who are, in my view, to the left of centre despite what they would have you think.