Thursday, July 03, 2014

Maori Prince hides under Daddy's korowai

The heir to the Maori king has been discharged without conviction on counts of burgalry, theft and a drink/driving blood alcohol count of 761 when his legal limit is 0.

The Maori King's son has succeeded in his bid to avoid drink-driving and theft convictions after his lawyer argued it was likely to bar his succession to the throne...
The burglaries and theft happened in March while he was on bail and the judge noted it had also occurred after a night of drinking.
Paki, supported in court by his heavily pregnant girlfriend, previously pleaded guilty to all charges arising from the theft of two surfboards from Waikanae Motor Camp and items from a car.
His accomplices to the thefts, Te Ahorangi Totorewa, 20; Hamuera Wipoha Pugh, 19; and Raa Ngaru Smith, were sentenced in the Gisborne District Court last week.
The trio was ordered to each pay prosecution costs of $400 and were discharged without conviction.
Paki also applied for a discharge without conviction today.
His lawyer Paul Wicks QC told the court a conviction would impede his ability to accede to the throne.

Outrageous. But it gets worse.

Outside court Paki's representative and former MP Tuku Morgan said it was a "major turning point in his life".
"He's an expectant father and you can see he's brought shame upon his father, his family and Tainui," Morgan said.
He heralded the court's decision as a victory for Maori.
"I think that is a recognition of the uniqueness of this country. Maori tikanga, Maori culture has been recognised today by a very senior court."

I got a drink/driving charge at a similar age. Just over the limit, fined $300 and disqualified for six months, I lost my job. I was deeply ashamed. It was a rock bottom point in my life but accepting the consequences turned me around.

His father should  let him face the same fall-out as anyone else. Particularly that faced by many a less privileged Maori.

Classism is alive and kicking within Maoridom.


This guy isn't a learner either.


Anonymous said...

Obviously its not what you are its who you are. He's apparently a racist as well which is a surprise really as I thought you needed to be white to be racist.


Anonymous said...

It's the same argument that lets pissed law students off drink-driving charges on the grounds that it'll stop them becoming judges later on...

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, there is no such status as the "Maori King".

Tuhetia is of Tainui descent and his royalty status is limited to that tribe as part of the failed Kingitanga movement.