Saturday, June 14, 2014

Red Alert - not so alert

Blogs reflect the level of interest, enthusiasm and commitment the blogger/s feel.

Labour's MP blog, Red Alert, used to be a very active place.

In election year an upsurge in activity would be expected.

Since the election date was announced on March 10, there have been 4 posts.

In April there were 0 posts compared to 18 in April 2013 and 49 in April 2012.

And I don't accept that MPs are simply too busy campaigning to contribute. Social media is a hugely important part of the campaign.

So what do you take from this?

Does Labour look like a party remotely interested in winning an election?


gravedodger said...

Good points Lindsay, I put on my hasmat suit and opened the door the other day but then went off line for a few days.
An unconnected event I must point out.

With the clear evidence of the value of the internet it is very revealing of the depths the once proud party have plunged into.

Have they perchance abandoned such technological ground to those they perceive as partners.
Very strange times indeed.

Mark Hubbard said...

As someone with a lifetime ban from commenting there, perhaps, like all censorship, their inability to argue or even encompass, alternative viewpoints has rendered their blog lifeless and pointless.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

How did you earn that Mark?