Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Colin James on David Cunliffe's chances of becoming PM

Colin James writes about Cunliffe's leadership so far and his prospects for becoming Prime Minister:

In his six months as leader Cunliffe, first, got only a short-lived bump in opinion polls and then in February-early March took Labour back to its David Shearer low. His biggest publicity recently has been for leadership stumbles.
First, Cunliffe chose to run Labour’s innovative children policy as a cash handout when its real value is a focus on children’s physical experience in the womb and nutritional, emotional and cognitive experiences in the early years of life. That is, he highlighted the palliative of a dole to parents over investment in children to give even the disadvantaged a close-to-equal opportunity to be full citizens as adults. And he did not say the palliative would be discounted for parental leave cash.


("Palliative"? )

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Anonymous said...

If they're lucky - Chipkins might be the next Labour PM in say 2025.

If the country is lucky - ACT will get its shit together and we'll be looking at government alternating between National and ACT.

But Singapore goes to show that political opposition and alternative of power is not really necessary either for social stability or economic growth. So National in government for another 2 terms under Key, then say 3 terms under Crusher - why not?