Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Deregistration of Libz has silver lining

I've only just caught up with this news so you may have also missed it:

Libz Announce Deregistration

For immediate release
Libertarianz Party
Libz Announce Deregistration
Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath today [3 Feb] confirmed that the Electoral Commission had last week deregistered the party at its own request.
"Senior party members had been discussing for several months how we might get more bang for our buck, and it was decided to continue as a ginger group and/or think tank rather than as a registered political party."


It's sad yet good news.

The libertarian vote is too splintered. If ACT is now uncompromised in espousing libertarian ideas there will be energy freed up from the deregistration of Libz. And Libz activists are very committed. It's well known in politics that a few very motivated individuals can make a noise and impact which far outweighs their actual numbers.

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