Sunday, December 15, 2013

Craig relishes "catfight"

For a conservative, Colin Craig often surprises - and not in a good way. He describes pitting Christine Rankin against Paula Bennett in the newly created Upper Harbour seat as setting up a "catfight".

Catfight (also Girl fight) is a term for an altercation between two women, often characterized as involving scratching, slapping, hair-pulling, and shirt-shredding.

Not an overly sensitive petal myself, I nevertheless think the use of the term was injudicious.  It's makes the pair sound like a couple of slappers. Which neither are.

For arguments sake, if ACT leader Rodney Hide has said in 2008, my standing against Sue Bradford wherever would set up a real catfight I'd have been mortified. Ah but that's why I am so unsuited to politics.Not enough mongrel - or feral - in me. (And before I cause offence it's not the sort of thing Rodney would do).

I'd love to see Christine Rankin take on Paula Bennett. In the welfare area, Bennett's portfolio and Rankin's passion, much that National has done would meet with Conservative approval. So Rankin will have to find strong points of detraction, ie the reforms have not gone nearly far enough.

Then again if the Conservatives take the line that a mother's place is in the home they might say that the reforms have gone too far. Whatever the angle, the contest would put welfare in the spotlight.

It's rather an odd strategy though to pit your best known candidate against a National Party favourite. But I forget the party vote. Voters may favour both of these candidates if they put up a spirited debate, and split their vote accordingly.

Anyway, back to the unfortunate turn of phrase. Don't be surprised if the feminists get their hooks into Craig over this faux pas.


Anonymous said...

much that National has done would meet with Conservative approval.

If that's what you think, then, Lindsay, you're in for a big surprise! How can renaming a few benefits be "reform"? There are only two facts about National's record on bludging in NZ: more people than ever before are bludging, and each bludger gets of OUR money than ever before.

The Conservatives will change both these reacts.

Anonymous said...

You should stand *too*, Lindsay!

A "three-way catfight" - you *know* you want to..... ;)

(Just kidding - no offense intended :) )

S. Beast said...

If either candidate advocated to make abortion legal for economic reasons (currently it is only legal for health reasons) that would be appealing for someone like me. I doubt anyone will though.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

S.Beast, Why? Don't you think that 'health reasons' are very broadly applied as it is? Not sure I am following you.