Friday, July 19, 2013

Chris Trotter goes too far

There have been a couple of on-line polls  this week showing most people support the welfare reforms. To my mind there are a number of reasons why and I'll post about that later. But the average person is comfortable with work expectations and social obligations of the kind they regularly meet themselves. And those beneficiaries who genuinely cannot support themselves will continue to receive the same assistance from the state.

So Chris Trotter's  diatribe this morning is a hysterical and offensive over-reaction. The targets of it should make an official complaint.

But think on this. The constant theme from the 'left' is the 'right' bashes beneficiaries. Listen, any beneficiary that read his column would feel wretched afterwards.

The National-led Government's dramatic reform of New Zealand's social welfare system marks an ominous turning point in the country's history. Never before has the state been willing to satisfy so completely the most punitive, the cruellest and nakedly sociopathic impulses of its wealthiest citizens.....
Before the rest of New Zealand could accept such callous brutalisation, however, the National-led Government had first to transform welfare beneficiaries into useless and undeserving sub-humans. Their poverty had to be presented as the consequence of their own lack of application and self-discipline.
They had to become idle ingrates: drug addicts and criminals, totally unworthy of decent people's respect or compassion.
And now, because it is not made up of monsters, and for the sake of their hapless children, the Government is insisting that these creatures somehow be "persuaded" to turn their lives around. This time, however, the persuasion is not going to involve the use of carrots. This time the ministry is going to use the stick.
And, just as they were in Germany 75 years ago, the doctors are being asked to help.
We must hope that Kiwi physicians turn out to be less enthusiastic social engineers.


Anonymous said...

I really, really don't see what any of the fuss is about. The Uk renamed its benefits a few years ago, Jobseeker's allowance and all - no change to the overall pattern of bludging.

The only effective programmes at benefit reduction have started from the root of the problem: the spending, and just chopped spending.

Rather than all this fuss, the government should simply have said there will be 10% fewer on the bludge this time next year, and that's it.

Kiwiwit said...

"The most punitive, the cruellest and nakedly sociopathic impulses."

Gosh, it almost sounds as if the state is holding a gun to people's heads and forcing them to become slaves to others. Oh wait, that is exactly what the state does do, isn't it? Only, it does it to those who work to support themselves and their families to support those who don't.

Jigsaw said...

I really see this attitude as a critical weakness of the left and ultimately their downfall. Even Julia Gillard said that Labor in Oz was a party of workers and not a prty of layabouts. Working people paying taxes so others can not work is not a place the Labour Party want to be.

Oswald Bastable said...

Assuming the rantings of a FAR left fuckwit are worth wasting a moment of thought over...

Allistar said...

I find it hard to believe that some take the position that giving people money that they have not earned is being cruel to them.

It's being cruel to the people the money was confiscated from, sure. But how is it cruel to the people it is given to? It's nearly as if they think people have a right to the fruits of someone else's labour.