Sunday, June 09, 2013

Over half of all children will spend time on welfare by age 14

Today's graph from the Ministerial Committee on Poverty report shows how many children spend x number of years on a benefit, more focus on the major reason for child poverty.

Again this type of information has long been available, but depicted this way is far more accessible. Immediately we can see that over a 14 year period around 200,000 children will spend between 7 and 14 years reliant on a benefit. Just over half will spend some time on a main benefit (Domestic Purposes, Sickness, Invalid and Unemployment Benefits):

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Judge Holden said...

Right so two thirds of children will spend either no time at all, or less than two years in a household in receipt of a benefit. A very small proportion spend several years in a household reliant on some form of benefit for whatever reason. I call that COMMUNISM!