Sunday, June 30, 2013

Declining interest in by-elections

Why? You tell me.


Anonymous said...

because we have representation without taxation.

the options are

National: Communist
ACT: Communist (in practice - since they've been in perpetual alliance with National)
Labour: Communist
Green: Communist
Mana: Communist (Maori Preference)
Maori: Communist (Maori Preference)
NZ First: Communist
1Law4All: Communist (White Preference)
Conservative: Communist, Christian

the question is not why so few people vote in bi-elections, or in Maori seats normally. The question is why so many people bother to vote at all.

Manolo said...

Another reason: the racist seats are an anachronism and should be abolished.

Anonymous said...

The interesting one in this set is Mana --- does it reflect how close the by-election is likely to be.