Sunday, April 07, 2013

4 in 5 Maori children born outside marriage

The earliest statistics kept on Maori ex-nuptial births were in 1968. The percentage of Maori children born outside marriage would have been even lower pre-1968.

Does marriage matter? Of course it does. Married people tend to be wealthier, are more likely to stay together, and provide their children with greater security and opportunity. A great deal of Maori disadvantage is due to the picture below.


JC said...

Its what happens when young women find a more steady, non abusive and more reliable funder and spouse in the NZ Govt.


Brendan McNeill said...

I don't know of any race or culture that has made its way back from those appalling statistics, other than perhaps the slum population of London under the reforming preaching of Wesley.

At the very least, it's past time we stopped parroting the official lie that all 'lifestyle choices' are of equal value, and deliver the same outcomes.

thor42 said...

I agree with Brendan.

If I were a Maori MP (for ANY party), I would be doing *everything* I could to *get Maori off welfare* (because you can guarantee that a very large proportion of these mothers are welfare recipients).

I would put forward a bill to remove ALL welfare from under-20-year-olds. You either study, work or starve. I would also put a time-limit on benefits.

Anonymous said...

There's no room for anyone like Wesley here. This may be a demise like the musket wars although I'm not sure who is going to come along and opress them into survival this time.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I assume some of those ex-nuptial births are in stable co-habiting households, but that would little affect your general conclusion about Maori disadvantage.

I notice from a quick check of ethnic birth rates that Maori birth rates in 2001 (the first year I could find) were about 50 per cent higher than NZ European birth rates (40 years ago the figure was more than 100 per cent higher). In so far as wealth is inherited from previous generations, this also accounts for some of the wealth disparity.

Kiwi Dave

Unlima Siempre said...

The fact that Maori birthrates are higher is not an indication that they are more promiscuous. But more an indication that non-maori have more abortions.
Teenage pregnancy rates are exactly the same.
Teenage birth rates are different because of NZ European Abortion rates... Who is worse - someone who has a baby as a teenager or someone who murders an unborn..?

Lindsay Mitchell said...


That's bunkum.

From NZ Stats:

"A significant feature of family formation norms in New Zealand is the ethnic diversity in reproductive behaviour. Both Maori and Pacific women have larger families than their European counterparts, and they also follow early childbearing norms.

This is partly reflected in higher fertility rates in teenage years. Māori teenagers have the highest fertility rate (70 per 1,000 in 2000–2002). Pacific teenagers’ fertility rate (48 per 1,000), although lower than that for Māori, was 50 percent above the national level, and over twice the European rate in 2000–2002 (22 per 1,000). Both groups also have higher abortion rates, 30 and 26 per 1,000 for Māori and Pacific respectively. The corresponding rate for the European teenagers was 21 per 1,000. This suggests that fertility indices understate pregnancy levels among Māori and Pacific teenagers."