Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rubbish from Russel Norman

Green co-leader Russel Norman says:

90 percent of Kiwis not interested in Key’s asset sales

He bases this on the 425,000 registered expressions of interest as a share of the total population. That includes the million or so children.

Roughly, there are around 1.5 million households in New Zealand with an average of 3 occupants. In general only one occupant, the main bread-winner, would make the expression of interest. So 425,000 expressions could easily represent interest from 1, 2, 3 or more others.

Being as loose as Russel Norman with statistics I could simply say the expression of interest represents 28 percent of households. And then claim that  72 percent of Kiwis aren't interested.

Of course that would still be untrue as many people would be interested but 1/ unable to afford the shares, or 2/ simply not registered their interest. For instance, I'm still thinking about it.

I haven't registered an interest in buying Mighty River shares but I support their sale and asset sales in general.

It's just desperate and dishonest stuff from Norman. It must be humiliating to have to chase after the votes of fools. Only an idiot would believe this claim.


Allan said...

The thing that I really get cheesed off about is the fact that every time Gimme my flag back whining Norman opens his trap he speaks economic garbage, untruths and outright rubbish the MSM report it without any genuine investigative journalism as to the veracity of the facts that he is spouting forth on. He is so shallow that any true journalist who is not of the left leaning variety would show him up to be the fool that he is without any real need to dig too far. We desperately need some balanced, informative press in this country.

Anonymous said...

He's only talking to the 10-15% of idiots who buy into his rubbish so he doesn't care, as long as the media report the headline

Anonymous said...

I like that MSM publish this nonsense because it continually reinforces what an idiot he is. If they didn't we may come to think he's found some common sense and can do simple math.


Anonymous said...

Hmm 425,000 - about what I'd expect: about the number of nett taxpayers in NZ!

So here's the real headline: Every Kiwi Taxpayer supports sale of state liabilities

(they're not really state assets: this way we get to pay for them once, and then own a share, rather than paying again and again and again every year...)

Libertyscott said...

Gave him the extra "l" in his name, but I would have thought under that post title you simply need say "is pretty much the norm".

The man is a testament to the point that a little knowledge is very dangerous indeed.

His views on monetary policy are so amateurish that they'd be dismissed as that of a crank if he didn't the third largest party in Parliament.

Shane Pleasance said...

As some wag has described over on Frogblog - Norman's Wisdom.

CorrectGuy said...

Flipping his statement on its head - he could also say that 92% of Kiwi's support asset sales because only about 8% of the population signed his daft (non)CIR opposing said asset sales.