Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Parental leave - pay for it yourself

The private members bill legislating for an increase of taxpayer-funded Paid Parental Leave (PPL) from 14 to 26 weeks is back in parliament today. Bear in mind, if lobbyists get 6 months it'll only be a matter of time before they want 1 year.

The main argument goes that bonding and breastfeeding are so important they should be encouraged as much as possible.

If you look at how mothers are behaving after a birth most already appreciate that.

NZ statistics analysed data from 2002 -2005 when the provision was for 12 weeks PPL.

Did most mothers return to work when their leave entitlement ran out?


4 months after starting PPL only 12.5 percent were back working - at 5 months, only 33 percent.

30 percent had not returned to work after 18 months.

So, outside of 12 weeks, the majority of mothers were already funding motherhood themselves. They don't need the taxpayer to make it possible for them to stay home.

60.4 percent were aged 30 or older,  probably well-established in work and earnings. The average monthly earnings before PPL were $3,450. Mothers in the 99th percentile had monthly earnings of $10,490 but under the proposed  legislation would still be getting 6 months tax-payer funded PPL.

Finally, "Employment and return to work rates were higher for those who had earned the most before starting parental leave. "

The people who least need taxpayer support return to work faster anyway.


Eric Crampton said...

We manage to have decent aggregate figures on female employment, at least according to the Economist's latest index. I expect this is at least in part due to that we don't make it extraordinarily burdensome for employers to hire women of prime childbearing ages.

Allan said...

More demands from those who think that the Government's coffers are a bottomless pit. There is no free money, the Government does not earn money, the money is stolen in the form of taxes from responsible hard working individuals. If you chose to breed it is your responsibility to ensure that you can afford this. Do not expect everyone else to pay for your actions. I am sick and tired of having my hard earned money stolen from me to support those who feel that the world owes them a living. The Welfare system is slowly destroying the country and the expenditure on it has to be reduced dramatically so that the country can progress.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Allan.

You breed, you pay.
It's that simple.

Dianna said...

I also agree with Allan.
There should not be any paid parental leave. The very notion that women can have babies without first ensuring that they have the personal resources to support their decision, is problematic. Ladies, if you are contemplating having a child, make very sure: (a) that the propective father is your lawfully wedded husband.
(b) That you have secure shelter for the foreseeable future and
(c) that you have the personal resources to feed and clothe your offspring.
If you cannot sustain (a) (b) and (c) then don't have a child!!!

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Heartening to have another woman on board with these sentiments. Thanks Dianna.