Friday, December 07, 2012

What's $300,000?

How much compo should we pay Susan Couch?

Dunno. What's 11 years on the DPB living in Auckland worth?




Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know if her lawyer won costs against Corrections or if his cut comes out of the $300thou?


Theresa Greally said...

How rude you are Lindsay.You do not know what Susan would have done if she had not suffered at the hands of a violent criminal.How presumptuous.You are a nasty cow.
Also Dirk the lawyer took on the case pro bono.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Tracey, My comment wasn't predicated on what she might have done. It was a commentary on how poorly she has been compensated for her loss.

Leaving aside sarcasm, I should have made mention of Garth McVicar who gets a lot of stick from the media but is doubtless instrumental in getting her any compensation at all.

S.Beast said...

How ridiculous that Corrections wasted God knows how much money on lawyers instead of coming to something sooner.

TG someone finally put an end to this torturous process and gave the woman SOMETHING. Hopefully she has really good advice on how to handle that money in such a manner that she can keep most of it.

Anon - he isn't taking a cut because he is working for free.

Anonymous said...

Putting aside the Question of whether he got paid for his time or not, I would imagine such a case would by the sheer nature and size of the claim,incur substantial costs associated with the court process. Are people telling me the solicitor shouldered these costs himself out of the goodness of his heart?

If he did not, did the court award costs?


Johnny said...

Yes, Dirk, the lawyer did do it out of the goodness of his heart. And the matter was agreed out of court, so the court had no question of costs to decide.