Tuesday, August 07, 2012

"ACT brand has been irredeemably damaged"

I am not a fan of Richard Long. In today's Dominion Post he writes as if an expert on ACT's history but can't get the ex-president's name right. However, the title of his column is wholly correct in my humble opinion.

Former ACT president Catherine Isaacs took the political gold at the weekend for making a sensible, coherent case for charter schools. But, alas, it is all too late to save her party.


Redneck said...

The ACT party should've remained true to its original values - The Association of Consumers & Taxpayers - solely focused on sound fiscal management, competition in education, greater private sector involvement in heath services, smaller government, and end to the TOW gravy train and law & order.

Instead, the whole party was wrecked by Catherine Judd / Isaac, (whatever she calls herself these days) and her dopey "liberal party" experiment - a feeble attempt to court these mystical "professional urban liberal" voters. Yes, the same voters who turn out 1000 ticks for the Libertarians each election.

For ACT to have remained successful it needed to adhere to it's original foundings: the left-wing progressives need to be kept the hell away from it in future.

brian_smaller said...

I agree. I did not vote ACT in the last election because any party with an aging Muldoonist like Banks in it is not for my vote. I feel I am left now with no one to vote for next election.

Chuck Bird said...

It is ironic that the nasty libertarians who have took over the party have made it a lot more likely that the Conservative Party will be in Parliament in 2014.

Richard McGrath said...

"...the nasty libertarians who have took [sic] over the party..."

It is precisely because libertarians have been expunged from ACT, with conservative John Banks now the flagbearer, that the party has imploded.