Sunday, June 10, 2012

The big lie of the day

"The vast majority of child abuse is perpetrated by men."

That's according to an editorial in this morning's Herald on Sunday.

The following statistics from 2006 clearly show that females are perpetrating a great deal of child abuse.

And just released official data shows that in 2010 35 percent of the apprehensions for assault on a child were females.

It beggars belief that such inaccurate claims from what should be  reliable commentators make print. "I read it is the newspaper - it must be true...."


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What do expect from such a tacky tabloid?

Hell, I wouldn't eat fish and chips wrapped in it. Couldn't take the risk of food poisoning.

So why risk mind poisoning by reading the damned thing?

Anonymous said...

'Lies, damned lies and statistics'

Mrs Danvers

Eric Crampton said...

Why not submit this as Stat of the Week at StatsChat?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Done Eric. Thanks, wasn't aware of the site.

Eric Crampton said...

And congrats on the win!