Sunday, June 17, 2012

Asians too single-minded and smart

Have a read of Rodney's column today. It's based on an interview with Ranginui Walker which I happened to hear. I've commented at the site to the effect that I don't care what colour my GP is. But I do want them to be smart and capable, something Ranginui Walker seems to have somewhere down his list of prerequisites.

When Professor Ranginui Walker rang radio recently to argue the case for increasing the number of Maori in medical training in New Zealand, I hardly expected to finish with the view that too many Pakeha are being allowed to become doctors.



FF said...

"It only takes an IQ of 100 to succeed in medicine. It's not rocket science."
Ranginui Walker of the ancient Iwi Ngati Walker.

Rangi is confusing the IQ requirements of medicine with the entry level required for university political studies departments and membership of the Waitangi Tribunal.

As he says , "medicine is not rocket science", but it is real science Rangi, unlike any course at University which has *Studies * or *Science* as part of its title.

Besides as an impeccable liberal/progressive/activist, he must have got the memo that IQ and race are nothing but social constructs anyway.

Any more of this talk Rangi, and you will have to attend a re-education course.

Anonymous said...

What quality evidence is there that increasing the availability of Maori and PI doctors will improve the health outcomes for Maori and PI New Zealanders?

As someone who opposes racial quotas in general and who normally assumes that anything said by Ranginui Walker is wrong, I would reconsider my opposition to discriminatory access to medical school, if there was strong evidence of likely improved Maori and PI health.

Better still, if students with lower academic school results can succeed in medical training, why not lower the university entry bar for everyone, while keeping the same high graduation requirements?

Personally, I don't care what ethnicity my doctor is, so long as s/he can speak English and do the job. In my 60+ years, my GP's have been successively, West Indian, English, Indian, Chinese, Pakeha, Chinese; I'm grateful to them all for their professional competence.

Kiwi Dave

Moshe said...

Walker is nothing but a leech, who has milked the system to the fullest. He ought to be ignored.

Anonymous said...

In my early 30's I applied to med school as a mature student after a maritime career. My local GP asked if I had any maori blood. I didn't. He advised me to get some as they would accept my application and once in, would not allow me to fail. In the end, the final question they asked before refusing me was "Do you have any maori blood?"
Ranginui Walker has done me a favour, don't go near a maori doctor unless you want a boof head.


Cactus Kate said...

If you only need an IQ of 100 to do medicine then presumably other courses you can swing by with something just above brain damage.

Walker is a brotocracy suckling tit demeaning Doctors like this. While some may seem blissfully incompetent when you use them I would never accuse one of having an IQ below 100.

Anonymous said...

Those interested in Walker's claim that medicine is not rocket science should go here:

or google

youtube Mitchell Webb brain surgery

for an entertaining 2 minutes.