Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tom Scott gets it

There are times when a cartoon really nails it.


Anonymous said...

"Say NO to beneficiaries!"

Andrei said...

No Lindsay Tom Scott does not get it.

In simple terms young women are designed by God and nature to have children - modern enlightened consider such a view antediluvian and outdated I am sure.

But it is so and while nice middle class girls have absorbed the indoctrination that there is a preventable disease called "unplanned pregnancy" which will interfere negatively with their important job and climbing the totem pole in the ministry of food safety, say - those for whom the indoctrination hasn't taken and for whom a job shuffling bits of paper in a concrete tower is neither an option nor a desirable way of filling in the time before they die do as nature intended, they have children - it is a feature not a bug as they say.

And while nice middle class spinsters can medicate their way around this, those who are not so well heeled do not and probably will not in any significant numbers because deep down they probably want children - it might be a inbuilt thing - inbuilt to ensure the survival of the species - no?

Manolo said...

I insist: Tom Scott gets it this time!

Anonymous said...

Young women may have been designed by God and nature to have children, but is it a good thing for the state rather than the family unit to bear the cost of raising them? If you want kids, then you have to pay for them.

Andrei said...

but is it a good thing for the state rather than the family unit to bear the cost of raising them?

NO - that is an abomination.

Silly people were sucked in by feminism and have allowed the social institution that existed to make sure that as many as possible children were raised and cared for by their parents.

That institution is called marriage but it has been degraded by the cultural elites and politicians to the point of near meaninglessness and the result is what you see.

The state acting in loco parentis to about 30% of all children.

James said...

Andrei sees Women as breeding machines and their bodies as belonging to the great sky dictator....Adolf God.

thor42 said...

I agree with Lindsay.
Tom Scott has nailed it with this cartoon.

I also agree with the nifty slogan that I saw on Cactus Kate's blog (meant for a bumper-sticker, I think) -
"You breed 'em,
you feed 'em"

I think that a return to the days when it was a matter of considerable shame to be receiving a benefit would be good. It's hard to see that happening though. Being on the dole or DPB is now seen as a badge of pride by many, not shame.

Viking said...

Best cartoon this year. It encaptulates all the hypocrasy of Bradford in one sketch.

Hey, girls and boys will always get pregnant and its tough when they do. Family are needed but not always wanted and if you ask any of those ladies who had babies taken and adopted in the 50' and 60's they will tell youhow ugly it really was. But that's not a reason to go on breeding after the first mistake and expect the stse to pay your way.

Anonymous said...

If we agree that it is an abomination for the state to bear the cost of raising children, then what are we to do with unplanned pregnancies? Someone has to pay.