Sunday, February 05, 2012

You just can't win (updated)

You just can't frigging win in this country. Give up Piri. You'll never beat or even meet the fanatical expectations of mammary maniacs. Never mind that you are actively fathering,  hands-on, taking responsibility, and caring for your kids.

You haven't got breasts so forget it.

Seriously, breast is not necessarily best. There are all sorts of situations when bottle-feeding - or a combination of bottle and breast - is necessary or even desirable.

The value in having a Maori All-Black showing how to be a father far, far outweighs any value in constantly shoving compulsory breast-feeding down every-bodies throats.

On second thoughts Piri, don't give up, just tell them where to go.


Well, well, well. An astonishing reaction to this story in the NZ Herald.

I have read through some of the 334 comments. As yet I haven't found one in support of the decision to pull the footage of Piri Weepu bottle-feeding his baby. The reactions range from puzzlement to very real anger. Some phrases used to describe La Leche etc  like "Breastapo" and the "breast-feeding mafia" give you a taste of the flavour of most comments.

Here's one of the more poignant ones:

The Owl

And they wonder why men are so marginalised from children nowadays, can't teach 'im, never touch 'im, in the same breath they will be saying men aren't doing enough to be a positive influence on children. Really is it any wonder why we have one the highest depression rates in the world.

Who pulled the images they should be fired, lets get some mens rights back.


Andrei said...

Single issue fanatics are the biggest pains in the arse of all.

Manolo said...

Yes, tell the milk-nazis to go to hell!

Mark Hubbard said...

I just can't get over this story. Nanny Statism reaching yet new levels of lunacy. My little take on it is here.

... and if you're looking for a Sunday laugh, Lindsay, given your post last week on Morgan, I'll post you this.

Now stop reading the news. It's too depressing.

Gerrit said...

As a father who helped bottle feed four kids I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the bonding session between me and the kids at feeding time was priceless.

This bloke enjoyed bottlefeeding especially early on where the ability to do night feeds, giving the kids mum a much needed rest, were well appriciated by both baby and mother.

Bringing up kids is a team effort and equal participation brings fathers closer to their kids.

Bet that consideration has never been discussed.

Stephen Berry said...

How do they know there wasn't breast milk in the bottle?

At least Piri wasn't attempting to breast feed the baby.

brian_smaller said...

Feeding my children from bottles was one of the most precious memories I have of them as babies. Pulling that ad was cowardice of the highlest order.